Arguably the most important maintenance of Dicksonia antarctica tree ferns is watering. During the summer months ensure your tree fern has water every other day, in very hot dry spells twice a day. This watering routine is not essential but the fronds on your fern will grow bigger if water is readily available. Your plant will survive most summers if only watered twice a week but unless it is in a very sheltered position it will not flourish with out more frequent water. A good supply of water when a tree fern has just been planted will encourage development of a good root system. Before planting a trunk if possible soak the length of the trunk or submerge it in a water butt. It is important to ensure that when watering ferns frequently they have good drainage underneath so there roots do not sit in water.

When watering your Tasmanian tree fern try and use a fine nozzle or rose so that you can cover the whole trunk. A tree fern is a beautiful sight when it has water droplets chasing down its trunk. During the autumn and winter if your plant is kept outside it should need any water, as watering at this time of year can encourage the crown to root. If however you have brought your plant inside to protect it is worth checking it every 3/4 weeks and giving it water if it has dried out.

You can use normal chlorinated tap water for your plant but if you have a supply of rain water it is best to use this if not for every water as often as possible. Remember in a hot summer you cannot overwater, a happy tree fern is a damp one!